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The fifth-most populated city in Florida, St. Petersburg is located between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Nicknamed the “Sunshine City” thanks to some 361 sunny days per year, climate is humid subtropical and attractions are many. The city features a number of museums, including the St. Petersburg Museum of History, the Salvador Dali Museum, and the Holocaust Museum. St. Petersburg’s Grand Central District features the largest independent bookstore in Florida, as well as a vibrant artistic community that includes many LGBT members. Historic districts include Roser Park and Old Northeast.

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Whether visiting the interactive Great Explorations Children’s Museum, exploring a historic district or simply enjoying the beautiful weather, there’s no better accessory than a Rolex watch. Wear yours while taking in this sunny city.

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Top 10 St. Petersburg Attractions

1) St. Petersburg Pier
2) Historic Downtown St. Petersburg
3) Salvador Dali Museum
4) Kenwood Historic District
5) Fort De Soto Park
6) Great Explorations Children’s Museum
7) Cathedral Church of St. Peter
8) Pinellas National Wildlife Refuge
9) Mahaffey Theater
10) Mirror Lake Library

Used Rolex St. Petersburg

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