The K2goodies Advantages

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind everything we sell. If at any time your K2goodies purchase doesn't meet your expectations, you can return it for a replacement or refund. We have been selling high end Swiss watches since 2001. And in that time, we've learned a lot about what it takes to make customers happy and deliver the finest Swiss Watches online. Plus, we listen to your feedback. All of it. Bottom line? You can count on everything we offer to be highly functional and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Which means you can't go wrong with watches from K2GOODIES. If you're ever dissatisfied with an item, you may return or exchange your K2goodies order.

Industry Leading warranty - 1 Year

Brand New Rolex Watches from Authorized Dealers now come with a 1 year warranty. K2goodies (Trade mark) watches comes with a 1 year warranty and can be upgraded to a Life Time Warranty

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