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The capital of Minnesota, Saint Paul sits on the east bank of the Mississippi River near the confluence with the Minnesota River, and adjoins Minneapolis. Saint Paul and Minneapolis are subsequently known as the United States’ “Twin Cities.” A business hub for the Upper Midwest, Saint Paul features a continental climate typical of the region and offers much in regards to attractions. The Saint Paul Winter Carnival has taken place every year since 1886 and includes ice sculpting, an ice palace, activities, winter food and a treasure hunt. It attracts some 350,000 people every year. The city is also associated with the Minnesota State Fair, and is the birthplace of Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz. Giant sculptures of the comic strip’s famous characters are featured all over Saint Paul.

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Whether wandering through the Minnesota Museum of American Art, participating in the Saint Paul Winter Carnival or spending time in one of the city’s 160 parks, there’s no better accessory than a Rolex watch! Wear yours while visiting the Twin Cities.

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Top 10 Saint Paul Attractions

1) Lake Como
2) Cathedral of Saint Paul
3) Science Museum of Minnesota
4) Bandana Square
5) Minnesota Transportation Museum
6) Como Zoo
7) Landmark Center
8) Minnesota Museum of Art
9) Circus Juventas
10) Minnesota State Capitol

Used Rolex Saint Paul

The Rolex brand is a staple accessory of the 20th and 21st centuries due to the beauty, durability and timelessness of its creations. K2goodies offers great deals on new and used Rolex watches , as well as information on the Rolex brand, production dates, and much more. Visit our site to learn the value of your Rolex watch, or contact our experienced, friendly team with questions. In a beautiful city such as Saint Paul, it’s no surprise residents love this classic brand!

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