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Anyone who wants a quality timepiece knows that the most recognizable and arguably the most respected brand is the Rolex watch. In production for over a century, these watches denote distinction, wealth, and class. Beautiful designs and superior materials make these not only exquisite to behold, but durable and reliable accessories. When you purchase a Rolex watch you are not paying not only for the name, but also the prestige of owning one of these fine pieces.

World-renowned musicians like cellist Yo-Yo Ma and singer Michael Buble endorse and wear their Rolex watches. Hollywood stars are often spotted wearing them anywhere from red carpet events or running errands. Actress Sharon Stone helped spark a trend of women wearing men's watches when she wore a Submariner and a Datejust for a photo shoot in the 80s. Action stars Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger have multiple Rolex watches that they flaunt in public.

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Golf and tennis professional athletes openly endorse the brand, showing up in commercials for them or sporting the wristwatches in their daily lives. Presidents and leaders from the United States and throughout the world are often photographed wearing a Rolex watch. They even put “President” in the title of one of their models due to its popularity with the political crowd. Former US Presidents Lyndon B Johnson and Bill Clinton have been photographed in these watches, and French President Nicolas Sarkozy is often seen with one on his wrist.

Royalty are frequently spotted wearing Rolexes. Prince Harry of England brandishes his Stainless Steel Rolex Explorer II all over the world. Princess Caroline of Monaco, daughter of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco has also been seen wearing her Rolex around. But watches such as these are recognized as classic pieces by the humble as well. Pope John Paul the II has a two-tone Rolex Datejust watch, while the Dalai Lama modestly wears his with the face on the inside of his wrist to be discreet. When you buy one of these beautiful pieces you are joining the ranks of some of the most powerful and influential people in history.

Other luxury watches attempt to imitate the class and stylishness of Rolex by copying their designs but there is no replacement for the real thing. The beauty of the watch is matched in quality by the materials that form it. The diamonds that adorn it rest in a sturdy ceramic bezel while precious metals like gold and platinum embellish resilient stainless steel. Rolex watches hold their value because of their elegance, dependability and steadfastness.

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